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Jordan Pen Pals

November 22, 2011
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My 6th graders are excited to share these notes about themselves with students in Jordan! Thanks @missnoor for the great connection! We’re looking forward to learning about your students!

Here is a link to our website.




My name is Jacob. My favorite sport is hockey. My favorite band is Metallica, which is a rock band. My favorite food is pie . I like to play video games after school. Do you like Pokemon bakugan or bayblade metal fusion and bayblade metal masters?



Hi, I’m Becky. I am 11 years.  My favorite sport is cheerleading.  My favorite friend is Keiara. I love band.  I love music. What is your country like? I live in Scottsville, Virgina.



My name is Corey. I love basketball. My favorite sports team is the Miami Hurricanes. My favorite food is mashed potatoes. What is your country like? I live in Charlottesville, Virginia.



My name is Mckenzie and I’m 11 years old. I like to play basketball and I like to play basketball outside of school and during school. I like to play video games and I love math class. My favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their awesome. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. I like where I live. How about you? What are your favorite things to do and how do you like your country and whats your favorite food?

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  1. December 4, 2011 1:17 pm

    Hello everyone! 🙂 This is Miss Noor, its a great pleasure to have a conversation with friends from the U.S , My students wrote some notes to you too! They are in 9th grade, they are all girls.

    Hi Jacob:
    Our names are ( Dana, Tima`a , Nansy ) we are in 9th grade, we live in one of the most biggest country in Jordan called ” Al-Mafraq” , Jordan is rich in history , it has one of the seven wonders “Petra” , our favorite food is ” Magloobeh ” which means literally in english ” upside down” , we like playstaion games, Our favorite program is “The Doctors “, how`s the weather there in Virginia, its freezing here! I hope you visit Jordan one day! you will love it!.

    Hi Becky :
    we are (Bayan , Tasbeeh, Ayah ), we are 14 years old, we live in Al-mafraq city in Jordan. we like to watch Turkish Series and we also like learning English. My favorite food is “Kabseh” which is ( spicy rice + vegetables + chicken ). I love reading stories. Here in Jordan we have ancient cities and ruins like Jerash and the Roman theater. Its lovely to spend your summer vacation here in Jordan.

    Hi Corey :
    Our names are (Sarah , Rahaf, and Sajedah) we enjoy playing Chess and watching TV, we like Dr.Oz, Do you watch it too? Our Favorite food is Mansaf, it contains rice and meat, Its a traditional meal in Jordan, We live in al-mafraq city, How does your country look like? and how many brothers and sisters do you have?

    Hi Mckenzie:
    How are you Mckenzie, this is Heba. I like to play Tennis .I write poems ,draw, and love the idea of having friends from far countries. I live in Irbid , my sister lives in Blacksburg , shes a PhD student in Virginia Tech. University. she likes it there. My favorite food is spaghetti . My country is a wonderful one with generous kind people all around. Check out seven wonnders and you`ll see Petra. its a great ancient city!

    • Anonymous permalink
      February 2, 2012 2:21 pm

      hi Jordan yes i like watching Dr oz , and i have 1 brother and 0 sisters , my country is very mountainous and my country has alot of sports teams , what is mansaf and what is your country like

      this was corey

  2. Tzariah permalink
    February 1, 2012 2:38 pm

    Hi my name is Tzariah. I’m new to walton and I love it. I am 12 years old and in 6th grade. I love math a lot. My favorite food is apple pie. People say i look like Jacob.What is your favorite song and you is it by? I hope to hear from al of you.

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