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Global Fiction Reading Recap

November 27, 2011

On Tuesday, November 22, my 6th grade language arts class participated in a fiction reading. Each student who read worked incredibly hard on their piece, from the early rough draft stages to polishing their revisions until they were truly proud of their work. My class didn’t just read to their classmates. We also streamed our reading on Ustream, which captured readers from Michigan, New Jersey, and Australia. Ustream also allowed educators who missed our live reading to watch a recorded version at their convenience. This was a great first “global reading” for our students to participate in. Besides practicing fluency and showing off their work to their classmates, one of my goals with this reading was to shatter the notion that students’ audiences were limited to the four walls of their classroom. Moving forward, I hope to see more students and classes participating so that all students at Walton will have a chance to share their voice with the world.

One of the best moments of this reading was when our instructional coach Trevor Przyuski interviewed a student.

Trevor: What was it like sharing your work with everybody?

Student: I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t think it would be that good to everybody. But it was.

Trevor: How did you know?

Student: Because people were laughing and clapping at the end.


A big thank you to our terrific readers and everyone who tuned in to watch our kids read!


Catch up on our readings here:

More feedback:


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