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Waltonians Random Questions to NBC 29 Reporter Ed Sykes

November 29, 2011

Last week a group of 6th graders skyped with NBC 29 reporter Ed Sykes. Ed talked about how he landed at NBC 29, the skills he uses, and graciously answered students’ questions. The students had more questions than time would allow, so I emailed the rest of the questions to Ed (gotta love the randomness). Here are Ed’s responses.


What is your favorite color?

Carolina Blue…more often than not I’ll sport my favorite Tar Heel Tie on air

Do you like Titanic?

Sure, I’ve seen it just a couple of times, but it’s definitely changed the way movies are made – and racked up tons of cash and awards in the process…

What was your favorite subject in school?

Drama was probably my favorite subject, though of the academic subjects I studied I always loved history and chemistry.

What is your favorite candy?

Gummy things are pretty awesome…bears, worms, sour patch kids…I’ll take ‘em all

Have you ever eaten a worm?

Aside from the gummy worms I just referenced, I can’t say that I’ve tried worms. Snails on the other hand – which the French call escargot – are delicious.

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m kind of a computer nerd, always glued to my phone or laptop screen. I’ve always enjoyed music and movies, and I enjoy playing guitar (even though it doesn’t always sound too pretty!). I also enjoy hiking, camping and the outdoors.

Do you shop at Aeropostale?

If I’m being honest, I have no idea what that is.

Do you like pizza?

Like isn’t a strong enough word for how much I enjoy pizza.

What is your favorite NFL team?

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m from Charlotte NC and I’ve always rooted for the home team – my Carolina Panthers! Shockingly, we got a win yesterday…

Do you like to go shopping?

Sometimes, but never for more than an hour

Do you shop at the mall?

I’ve never actually been to the mall here in Charlottesville, but back in North Carolina that’s where I’d normally go

Great questions, y’all! Thanks!

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