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A #ccGlobal Holiday

December 15, 2011

This year our students participated in the first ccGlobal Holiday Greetings Exchange. Students’ task was simple – create a unique greeting using some form of technology, create a QR code for the greeting, paste the QR code to a post card, mail it out to other schools, and wait for their greetings to pour in. Maybe it wasn’t the simplest way to wish someone “happy holidays,” but it was a highly engaging way to have students interact, plan, and collaborate with each other as well as realize that their classroom is not restricted to the four walls around them, or Charlottesville, for that matter. After we mailed our post cards, students would ask me if I’d checked my mail that day. My answer was always “no,” because all I ever received in my mailbox before was overpriced catalogs and whatever random papers lay unclaimed near the copier courtesy of @wmatics. Now I had a real reason to check my mail. The students and I would check the mail, look for greetings (so far we’ve received cards from Australia, Ireland, Iowa, New Jersey, and Virginia), go back to our classroom and scan the QR codes with the iPod app Scan. Most of the time the QR codes worked, taking us to greetings made with sites like Animoto. Students loved seeing what students around the world created as well as how their traditions may be different from ours. For some codes that didn’t take us to anything, we would troubleshoot, often going to the ccGlobal wiki. I hope this is a new tradition my students and I can look forward to every year, because I was amazed at how many skills were incorporated into what seemed like an easy project:

  • collaborating on a greeting
  • collaborating on creating a post card
  • learning about QR codes and how to scan them
  • discussion on why it costs more to mail post cards internationally (what is international?)
  • comparing/contrasting other schools’ greetings
  • discussion on technology tools other schools used and what we would like to use in the future


Postcards ready to go

Students opening their greetings

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