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Using Screenr for Screencasting

April 29, 2012

Any teacher I’ve talked to about screencasting usually has experience with Jing, by far the most popular screencasting tool. I was never a huge fan of Jing. It gave me issues trying to export a video and redirected me to subscribe to one of their paid memberships. Maybe I was just having an off day, but when I wanted to try screencasting again, I hit Google to see what other tools were out there and I came across Screenr.

I tried using Screenr, a free web-based program with a five-minute recording limit, with my students by having them make a screencast teaching others about a concept they’d learned in their math class. What I loved about Screenr was how easy it was to navigate the controls. Students found that during the recording process, they could pause their recording, change their board they were using through Paint, and resume recording. When students were finished, they published their work. Screenr gives users the option to embed their file, link to it, download as an .mp4  or publish to YouTube. My students enjoy using it because it allows them to decide how to present material to others while giving them the tools to make their presentation as perfect as possible.

I’ve also used Screenr on days I would be absent. I’ve made short screencasts about topics I wanted to introduce to students. Although this wasn’t the most exciting way to teach, I didn’t have to worry about the substitute not reading an article with the students or not know how to teach the concept despite detailed notes, both of which have happened this year. Students can also rewind the screencast if they miss something, which allows each student to work at their own pace.

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