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Building an Authentic Audience for Students

November 4, 2013

Why Connect?

  • learning with and from each other

  • increases the quality of student work

  • opportunities for new ideas and working collaboratively

  • students receive and give feedback to others

  • free and (fairly) easy to do digitally

  • opportunities to learn about new cultures

  • hands-on digital citizenship learning

  • walls of the classroom are infinite

And finally…

“If I had known so many people would have been watching, I would have tried harder.”

– a student quote from our Summer School Expo in 2011

Ways Burley Students Connect to the World

The ccGlobal Holiday Projects

IMG_1153 IMG_1161 IMG_1192

2011 ccGlobal Project  (Walton’s page)
2012 ccGlobal Project

For these projects, classes signed up to participate through a Google Form. Each year there was a common theme. In 2011, the focus was on sending a holiday card with a QR code on it that would lead the recipient to a holiday greeting. Some classes created an Animoto video for this while others made videos. Since this was a multi-age project, there were no hard guidelines to follow other than to send your greeting to the other group members.

In 2012, the theme was “Your Favorite Holiday Memory.” Again, this was a multi-age project and had classes from all over the United States as well as Canada, Ireland, and Australia. One kindergarten class drew pictures and then recorded their voice on SoundCloud to describe their pictures. My students told their stories through a variety of mediums, from an audio file to poetry to pictures to a Wordle. Other classes chose their method to display their stories, but the common thread was that all students were talking about a favorite holiday memory and all classes were looked at by the other participating classes. Each teacher posted their students’ work to our ccGlobal Google Site and then a TodaysMeet link was added for each class, where students could give feedback without needing to sign in or use an email address. Besides the digital citizenship piece, we asked that students not use their last names and identify their school. Unfortunately the links to these comment boxes have expired.

For the 2013 ccGlobal project, we are focusing on a favorite holiday tradition. There is still the openness in terms of how students display their work, but like last year, all work, or links to work, will be housed on one Google Site.

Current Project Sign-Up

Technology used to help students connect:

Twitter ( – to build connections with other teachers, to have students tweet other class Twitter accounts

Ustream – to stream student events

Skype – to share work or to be an audience for other classes

Google + – to collaborate virtually with one or more classes (Dot Day hangout)

Edublogs – to share work and receive feedback

Google Sites – to curate work in one location

Snail mail – to share writing “the old-fashioned way”

TodaysMeet – to comment on each other’s work without needing to sign-in

Tumblr – to have students post their work in a quick, convenient way

Instagram – to showcase student work and for students to showcase each other’s work

(all of these technologies are free)


Our Blogs

BurleyWriters on Twitter

BurleyWriters on Instagram

2011 Summer School Project

2011 Summer School Project Feedback

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Global Readings

Global Reading Feedback

Global Reading Part 2


SuperSchool Project

Walton’s Ustream channel:

Burley’s Ustream channel:

Contact Information

Twitter – @bkayser11, @burleywriters

Instagram – @burleywriters

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